Welcome to the group webpage

The aim of our research group is to tackle fundamental problems in Chemistry and Physics using Mathematical techniques with a specific emphasis on excited states in molecular systems. The group’s interest lies at the interface between Physics and Chemistry, and mainly focuses on developing highly-accurate electronic structure methods as well as simple approximations that are accurate enough to have chemical and physical usefulness. I am actively collaborating with my colleagues and nonetheless friends Michel Caffarel and Anthony Scemama.

If you would like to discuss joining the group or working on a project, please email me.


  • Dec 2023: Roberto Orlando has successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Exploring new exchange-correlation kernels in the Bethe-Salpeter equation”. Congratulations Dr Orlando!
  • Oct 2023: Enzo Monino has successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Green’s function methods for charged and neutral excitations”. Congratulations Dr Monino!
  • Oct 2023: The GDR NBODY is organizing a two-day workshop on model systems in quantum mechanics (MSQM) on Jan 11-12th 2024 in Toulouse.
  • Sep 2023: Sara Giarrusso has left the group. Good luck for the future Sara!
  • Jul 2023: Sara Giarrusso has been awarded a MSCA postdoctoral fellowship and will leave us at the end of September. Congratulations Sara!
  • May 2023: Raul Quintero-Monsebaiz has left the group. Good luck for the future Raul!
  • Feb 2023: Sara Giarrusso has joined the group as a postdoc. Welcome Sara!
  • Oct 2022: Our group is organizing the mid-term PTEROSOR workshop on emerging electronic structure methods for excited states in April 2023. More info here.
  • Oct 2022: Antoine Marie has joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome (back) Antoine!
  • Jan 2022: We are organizing the 2nd general meeting of the GDR NBODY. Please, join us online!
  • Dec 2021: Mika Veril has successfully defended his PhD. Congrats Mika!
  • Dec 2021: New website is up and running!
  • Oct 2021: Yann Damour has joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome Yann!
  • Sep 2021: Mika Veril has submitted his PhD dissertation entitled “Electronic transitions, statistics and digital tools for quantum chemistry”. Congratulations Mika!
  • Mar 2021: Raul Quintero-Monsebaiz is going to join the group in a few weeks as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome Raul!
  • Dec 2020: The website of the PTEROSOR project is up and running!
  • Dec 2020: The QUEST website is officially online and the corresponding publication submitted!
  • Sep 2020: Fabris Kossoski is going to join the group as a postdoctoral fellow from Oct. Welcome Fabris!
  • Jun 2020: The ERC PTEROSOR project has officially started!
  • Apr 2020: Two new PhD students (Enzo Monino and Roberto Orlando) will join the group in September to start their PhD.
  • Feb 2020: Great news again! Pina Romaniello and I secured a 80|Prime fellowship from the MITI to work on ensemble/multireference GW methods.
  • Dec 2019: Good news alert: the PTEROSOR project has been funded by the ERC and will be running for the next 5 years.
  • Aug 2019: Our paper on PT symmetry in Hartree-Fock theory has made it to the cover of JCTC!!
  • Jun 2019: Come and join us in June 2020 at the 3rd edition of ISTPC.
  • Jun 2019: Stefano di Sabatino will join the group in September for a one-year postdoc position to work with Pina Romaniello and myself on a new multireference GW method.
  • Jul 2019: I’ve been granted an early-career fellowship from the ANR.
  • May 2019: Thomas Colle has joined us for a Master 1 project on conical intersections.
  • Nov 2018: Come and join us at TCCM Winter School LTTC in Luchon!
  • Oct 2018: Peter Gill from the Australian National University will be visiting our group in October next year!
  • Sep 2018: Mika just had his 1st paper accepted in JCTC! Congrats!
  • Sep 2018: Joshua Hollett (Winnipeg) is visiting our group up to early November.
  • Jun 2018: Mika has been awarded a PhD scholarship and will remain in the group for the next three years.
  • Jan 2018: Mika has joined the group for a Master project.
  • Feb 2017: Sebastian Sitkiewicz (Master student) from Valencia has joined the group for a 3-month stay. He will work on the non-linear optic properties of model systems.
  • Dec 2016: I am moving back to France (University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse) on a CNRS research position.

BREAKING NEWS: Quantum Package 2.0 is out!!


We are delighted to announce the release of QP2 for fast, accurate and scalable selected CI calculations. Full paper can be found here.


Our group has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. 863481)