• Apr 2023: The workshop is over! Thank you all for coming.
  • Mar 2023: Final program and list of posters are available.
  • Feb 2023: All the planets are lined up! See you in April and safe travel.
  • Jan 2023: A preliminary version of the program is available.
  • Sep 2022: The workshop’s website is officialy up and running!


Electronic structure theory has developed in many directions in recent years and a large number of new emerging methods have been developed to compute accurately excited-state energies and properties at an affordable cost. Processes related to electronically excited states are central in chemistry, physics, and biology, playing a key role in ubiquitous processes such as photochemistry, catalysis, and solar cell technology. However, defining an effective method that reliably provides accurate excited-state energies in every scenarios remains a major challenge in theoretical chemistry. In this workshop, we aim at discussing novel approaches to obtain excited-state energies and wave functions in molecular systems and solids.

This workshop has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. 863481).


  • Giuseppe Barca
  • Stefano Battaglia
  • Timothy Berkelbach
  • Xavier Blase
  • Katharina Boguslawski
  • George Booth
  • Andreea Filip
  • Claudia Filippi
  • Emmanuel Fromager
  • Peter Gill
  • Tim Gould
  • Emmanuel Giner
  • Joshua Hollett
  • Denis Jacquemin
  • Thomas Jagau
  • Fabris Kossoski
  • Joonho Lee
  • Gianluca Levi
  • Eduard Matito
  • Carlos Mejuto Zaera
  • Eric Neuscamman
  • Kasia Pernal
  • Lucia Reining
  • Pina Romaniello
  • Anthony Scemama
  • Sandeep Sharma
  • Alexander Sokolov
  • Alex Thom
  • Julien Toulouse
  • Morgane Vacher