Abdallah Ammar (U of Toulouse, France)

Transcorrelated Configuration Interaction applied to excited states of molecules

Filip Cernatic (U of Strasbourg, France)

Quantum embedding approach for multiple electronic states using the Householder transformation

Florian Matz (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Theoretical Treatment of Molecular Auger Decay with Non-Hermitian Quantum Chemistry

David Amblard (Institut Neel, France)

Optimal representation for electronic susceptibility

Gabriele Riva (U of Toulouse, France)

Photoemission spectroscopy from the three-body Green’s function

Raul Quintero (U of Toulouse, France)

Equation Generator for Equation-of-Motion Coupled Cluster Assisted by Computer Algebra System

Sara Giarrusso (U of Toulouse, France)

Exact Excited-State Functionals of the Asymmetric Hubbard Dimer

Enzo Monino (U of Toulouse, France)

Unphysical Discontinuities, Intruder States and Regularization in GW Methods

Yann Damour (U of Toulouse, France)

A selected configuration interaction study of ground- and excited-state dipole moments and oscillator strengths

Antoine Marie (U of Toulouse, France)

A Similarity Renormalization Group Approach To Many-Body Perturbation Theory

Vijay Gopal Chilkuri (Aix Marseille U, France)

Code generator for the evaluation of arbitrary matrix-elements for unitary group adapted wavefunctions

Yorick Schmerwitz (U of Iceland)

Calculations of Excited Electronic States by Converging on Saddle Points Using Generalized Mode Following

Diata Traore (Sorbonne, U, Paris)

Density-based basis-set correction applied to linear-response calculations

Timothée Audinet (Sorbonne U, France)

One-dimensional model for relativistic quantum chemistry